Thursday, June 21, 2007

#61: break away.

from the norm, that is.

'e' (a history of architecture) has become somewhat of a style sounding board for me. great finds, great suggestions, classic and awesome taste. case in point, here's an alternative to the traditional wedding ring.

i would happily stick the yellow gold one on my finger. any day. for any reason.


e said...

they're even better in real life. i really need to find out who the designer is. there are matching earrings, and maybe even cuff links? next time i'm in nyc i'll have to do some recon work at stuart moore.
i was never interested in jewelry until i got married. now all i want are rings!

Missy said...

My husband and I designed our bands together with an artist. They are toatlly unique and we love them. Yay for individuality.

Oh, and our wedding was under 10K and wonderful!