Wednesday, June 20, 2007

#58: do you like carnations?

25. Don't overlook such floral standbys as daisies and carnations. They're available year-round, are quite affordable, and when arranged en masse will make delightful centerpieces and bouquets.

i'll admit. by their lonesome, carnations are pretty ugly. but bunch 'em together...and what's not to like? they're cheap for bundles so i'm down. i'd stick to no greens and only 1 color per bundle. like this:

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e said...

there was a wedding featured in martha stewart that had lovely bunches of white carnations in vintagey brightly colored ceramic vases.

my mom had daisies for her wedding, and i think they're sweet and unpretentious.

i also remember seeing a wedding that had huge bunches of white daisies in tiffany-blue ceramic vases. lovely.