Thursday, June 14, 2007

#45: dress.

what a freaking beaut for $235. 'e' of 'a history of architecture' in my blog links suggests it in ivory and keeping the length as is...but i don't have the power in me to wear a short dress come the day. but i will tell you...that my aunt MADE my prom dress (many many eons ago) from scratch. like built it from a chunk of white satin fabric. without any patterns. nothing. nada. i didn't even have a sketch; i just talked about what i wanted. she just took my 'idea' and constructed an amazing dress from nothing into something. so...i would love, love, love to snag a dress like the one above and request my dear talented auntie to help me add extra upon extra cascading layers of fabric below it to create a billowing floorlength dress...

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e said...

love this dress, so glad you like it too! you could totally have someone copy the design for much less.

i think if you go long, you should use a softer, flowy fabric, like silk chiffon.

check out this amazing Lela Rose dress: