Monday, June 25, 2007

#71: rings so true.

i'm in the middle of upgrading my apartment from 'big storage space (that's not really big by any means)' to 'MY HOME!!!' last night, i finally bought and picked up one of my last pieces of furniture. i've been scavanging for weeks...for the right version of this something-something i hadn't owned since the wee yonder college years.

a desk.

oddly enough, i've never needed or used a desk for the past @*#*$ years. i've always quickly done my bills or internet rounds on my kitchen table or bed...and i never really had a use for filing systems. i kept my craft things, cards and stamps and such, all in the cabinet, pulling them out as needed. but lately, my coffee table and kitchen table have become my toss-all areas. mail, mags, bills, cards, chocolates...all piling up, all in disarray and (one of my peeves) all collecting dust. my place has enough space for a in one of my efforts to really start 'growing up' and, better...i decided to finally buy one.

i bought an old wooden desk with tons of scratches and smudges for $80. one of the selling points for me was the disabled man i bought it from; he is one of those people you meet for a brief moment...but end up wanting to know much much more about. after positioning the desk in the spot i had sectioned off for it...and pledge wiping all the nooks and crannies, i stood there, proud of my purchase, almost giddy with happiness. it was too late to start using it last night...but i can't wait to get back and storing my odds and ends (only the necessities, of course) in the aged drawers.

"Organization is having a place for everything and making sure everything is in its place."

even when planning a wedding, it's a great quote to keep in mind as it's so easy to get steered in directions you never even knew you could go...and don't need to go! make sure everything you're getting and worthwhile and should be there.

p.s. i'm one of the lucky few who loves throwing things out. aka i'm not a packrat!


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