Wednesday, June 13, 2007

#44: doh...i keep forgetting.

in response to the comment on my revised budget (post #40...btw, i'm so patting myself on the back for using post #'s! yah!), you are SO RIGHT...i'd have to squeeze $120 somewhere in there for postage. and then what about the thank you cards? yes, another $200 on postage and thank you cards. damn me and my ungrateful heart.

i suppose i'd take the funds from the $1,000 gifts section. so gifts would allocated $700 instead...coming out to $87.50/person if we had a total of 8 bm/gm. though i'm paying for the dresses, i wanted to leave room enough to be generous with the gifting (post #6). turning out to be a difficult feat. *sigh*

hey, but at least i'm counting on a big fat ZERO for DJ costs! i think i'm going to do the ipod thing (post #26).

so yes, in my very first post (um, post #1), i think i boldly claimed that i wanted the $10,000 to include the wedding rings. but i think i'm changing my mind.

the $10,000 also will not be including the honeymoon...though i'm not completely sold on spending tons of moolah on a honeymoon anyways. i'd rather relax and use the time to do 'nothing' with my hubs...if you know what i mean.

rehearsal dad? (post #12)

anything else i forgot? (thanks for your comment!!!)

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Anonymous said...

i know it's rather random and so far from what you're writing now but i just happened to fall on this page. any who, speakers? don't you have to rent those too? unless you're considering that everyone listen on in on your earphones. just a thought.