Wednesday, June 13, 2007

#40: rebalancing.

now that i've done a little bit of research (and determined a few things!), it's time to adjust my numbers a bit.

$300 my dress/shoes $500
$50 groom's stuff $100
$400 bm dresses/shoes ($100/gal) $300 ($75/gal)
$200 gm stuff $200
$7,000 food, booze, venue ($35/person) $4,855 ($40/person)
$200 flowers $200
$2500 photography
the DIYs:
$200 centerpieces (20 tables/$10 per table) $120 (12 tables)
$200 invites (buck a piece) $150
$200 favors (buck a piece) $150
$25 programs $25
$1,000 gifts to bridal party $1,000
$10,000 TOTAL $10,000

guess what i see staring back at me. and numbers do not lie. CUT YOUR GUESTLIST, pay significantly less. for everything. wow.


Rosie & Andy said...

What about things like postage, thank you cards, DJ/music and rings? Does your $10k include the honeymoon? What about the rehearsal dinner?

Plus, why is your gift to bridal party so high? What all does that include? IMO, if you are paying for their attire, you shouldn't have to spend so much on gifts.

Just some things to think about...

e said...

are you supposed to pay for bridesmaid outfits? my family would say yes, but so many of my friends had to buy their own dresses. maybe you should ask your BMs to buy their own dresses, but they could pick whatever they want as long as it's within the color scheme?

it's funny, but i had $100 budgeted for my husband. well, he ended up buying himself a $1000 suit, a $130 shirt, and $140 pair of shoes. it was his first suit, so i didn't have a problem with it. i hope your future fiance already has a nice collection of suits to choose from!

i'm still iffy on the bridal party gift (we didn't even have favors, and no one seemed to care). i know your reasons for such generosity, but i feel like there are other ways to show gratitude for all the hard work your friends put into the wedding.

don't forget the marriage license cost money. i think ours was $50?