Monday, June 11, 2007

#36: michaels.

i found the fake flowers online on their site. i would hope they have a better selection in store! curious...why don't they post their prices online? it would make budgeting a whole lot easier.
oh, and i just threw in the topiary tree as a maybe. i would drape tons of fairy lights over it for that romantic effect.


Miss Beaux said...

Hi! I love what you are trying to do and I think it is totally possible to do a wedding for $10,000 and still use real flowers.

Rosie & Andy said...

I agree with the other comment. We are having roses and purchasing them from Costco (in-store) for $15 for 2 dozen.

But, Michael's has a pretty good selection of silks. But, the nicer you go for the more expensive they are (usually more than just buying fresh and doing it yourself). Last week they had the "artistic silk" collection on sale for $.50 a stem. A bought a lot of them for our centerpieces. I didn't think they were that realistic though.

If you want very realistic silks, I suggest Hobby Lobby's "True Touch" collection. They are really nice looking silks. But, then again, they come at a higher price too. $3-4 a stem!! YIKES!

If you do go the fresh route, there are many online flower vendors and Sams/Costco is always an option.

Ten Thousand Only said...

hi hi!!! $.50/stem? sounds so awesome; but i can see what you mean about the fakies looking...too fakey. i think the fresh route would be amazing...but i'm really not looking forward to diy'ing a lot of stuff last minute. i don't want to be stressed out...ergo centerpieces and topiary stuffs, i can get done whenever i have the time, whether it's 2 months in advance or even 2 weeks in advance. i have a feeling fresh flowers would not last that long. what's your experience?