Wednesday, June 13, 2007

#41: have my cupcake and eat it too.

how did the whole cupcake phenom come about? i'm curious! it's like all of a sudden, people developed an obsessive LOVE for cupcakes...and i'm just as guilty as the next. never a huge fan of sweets in the first place, somehow i ended up working an arm's distance from sprinkles...and soonafter, began craving the dangerous stuff. but at $3.25 (or is it $3.75?) per cupcake, i could fugghettabout using them in any which way to feed 100+ peeps at my wedding. right? but lo and behold...the MINI CUPCAKE. so i got this idea from today's 'style me pretty' find. i was browsing through their featured bakery's website (whose cupcakes, at $2 a pop, are WAY more affordable and probably taste just as nice and are better proportioned for my sweet palate) and guess what...their mini cupcakes are $0.75 each! oh hello!

i'm picturing a two-fer. put toothpicks with numbered flags in the cupcakes and wrap them individually with just enough cellophane so that the flags stick out.

and voila, here are your favors + placecards. well, for me, i could probably consider it a three-fer if you count the fact that this would satisfy my 'i wanna use cupcakes but not be like everyone else!' craving and keep it semi-unique at the same time.


e said...

i like the mini cupcake placecard idea.

as for dresses (my main obsession), have you looked at Thread Bridesmaid dresses? i like the seersucker gowns ($350-375), very jcrew, very preppy.

i also think it would be amazing if someone had the guts to wear something so short and non-bridal as this (in ivory, of course):
rowena sartin silk dupioni ruffle dress $335

textile designer lena corwin's wedding was featured in martha stewart a while back. here's a link to her photos. i love the vintage short dress and the arts and crafts feel of it.

Never teh Bride said...

What's not to like about cupcakes? I'm not surprised they got popular among the adult crowd, as they have the bloom of nostalgia in little single serving sizes. Okay, sometimes they aren't so little. Personally, I like mine drenched in frosting!