Wednesday, May 30, 2007

#5: i love spending money.

though i'm being crunchy about spending the dizzo on my wedding, don't peg me as a penny pincher. i am not even near the top of the ladder when it comes to controlling the spendage. however, the wedding, a one-day affair, though just one day in my not worth all the pricey marketed consumer shabang in my opinion. it's not to say that it shouldn't be special. it should. but spending money is easy. like if such a thing as a budget didn't exist, i know i could create the perfect wedding for myself. i have a vision...and with coordinators in tow, no doubt i could execute it with minimal stress. but there's a need for a budget...and there's a need for budgeting in other areas besides a one-day party (hi louis vuitton) so...that's why i'm taking this journey. i hope to make this planning a lasting experience...with funds left over to boot. (side note: miss snow pea of weddingbee fame constructed a 'planning' photo book and i think it's brilliant. i am soo going to jump on that bandwagon.)

without having done any real research about anything yet, i thought i'd share my ideal budget. it'll be fun to come back afterwards and see if my budget allocator was on target or totally out of whack. as someone who knows nothing, here goes.

$300 my dress/shoes
$50 groom's stuff
$400 bm dresses/shoes ($100/gal)
$200 gm stuff
$7,000 food, booze, venue ($35/person)
$200 flowers
$225 whatever i'm forgetting
the DIYs:
$200 centerpieces (20 tables/$10 per table)
$200 invites (buck a piece)
$200 favors (buck a piece)
$25 programs
$1,000 gifts to bridal party
$10,000 TOTAL

even as i look at that list, i'm thinking...mission impossible. how the heck do you get booze/venue/food for $35/head? HOW. i suppose that's the task at hand. to cut where i can without making it obvious to the guests. good luck to me. geez.
it's been 5 minutes later and here are things i remembered i forgot.
-PICTURES!!!!!! that's $$$ right there.
-parental gifts??


mister said...

That is going to be tough indeed. It's amazing to see how quickly money can be spent. wow.

mister said...

$50 on groom's stuff? that'll be an interesting tux...

sugarmeg said...

don't bridesmaids buy their own dresses? why are they in your budget?

and let's be perfectly honest, no one really wants favors! they're cute to look at for a couple minutes and then they get pitched when people get home!

Alaysia Marie said...

I'm planning a wedding for my cousin currently... her budget is 1,000 dollars. I, as a wedding enthusiast, almost fell over upon hearing her budget. But it's really doable actually. Albeit her wedding will be waterside, a close friend is officiating, and the reception will be picnic in a park style, it forces you to get super creative.
There is nothing wrong with a smaller budget, you just have to be more willing to put in the footwork yourself. Or have a more than willing family member who is more than happy to do anything she can to make your day something spectacular and memorable;)