Thursday, February 19, 2009

#545: the timeline.

after my first attempt at a timeline, i realized it could use some work.

i think i'm close now.

10:30am - ceremony begins.
11:15am - ceremony ends.
11:15am - cocktailish hour. (cocktails. at 11:15 in the morn. don't you want to be at my wedding.)
12:00pm - bridal party entrance / slide show / our entrance / first dance. music keeps playing.
12:15pm - lunch is served.
1:00pm - the toasts.
1:15pm - cake cutting / father daughter dance.

and then. p-a-r-t-y.

am i missing anything?

the time is going to disappear on the day of. i can already tell. i hope i remember everything.


dear day of,
please don't run away from me.


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Try to schedule in 5-10 mins of 'alone time' after your ceremony with your finance. Gives you a few minutes to reflect, relax, make out a little and take it all in....before all your guests start to descend on you. ;)

A Wedding Story said...


very married said...

when does the party end? (haha - so there could totally be a cheesy answer to this like, "never the party is just beginning!") but like, when do the guests head home?

PDX Bride said...

Are you taking pictures??

bo said...

everyone warned me that the day would fly by so quick i wouldn't remember anything. but i was surprisingly very present and able to enjoy each moment. i hope you do too!

Meg said...

This is basically our timeline, though ours is slightly more compressed (and we'll have no entrances, etc), because we'll be leaving at 2:45, with the party over at 3. I worry that its short, but then I remember
1) The modern wedding is insanely long
2) It's on Sunday, and we will have seen people on and off all weekend
3) I don't need to start my honeymoon tired as h*ll!

But, really. My parents both say that if you want to, and if you're present (which you should be), you'll remember every single part of your wedding for the rest of your life, that you won't even need pictures. So take heart. You know you want to remember it, so you will.

PS - and I assume you are taking picture first. We are. Once that party starts, it's not stopping! (and do the alone time!)

Amy said...

I like this...I like the idea of a daytime wedding and serving lunch instead of dinner, mainly because it cuts down significantly on the booze that'll be consumed :) Question: how long do you expect your reception to last? Are you having a big dance, or just a father/daughter dance? I wanted to forgo the dance altogether and have a late morning wedding, serve lunch, then have a bit of a reception in the afternoon, but my fiance feels really strongly about having a first dance. It seems like an evening thing, but I'd really prefer to have everybody gone by like 5:00 pm :) said...

Looks Good so far

Picture Perfect Events said...

A lot of the couples I work with say a few words after the cake is cut.

Jeremiah K - The Perfect Pear l.l.c. said...

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