Monday, February 16, 2009

#533: sneak-a-peek.

our venue has a thing called 'sneak-a-peek' where we can check out the setup of a real ceremony/reception before the day of our wedding. i'll be going to one in march and i made up a list of things i must do on that day.

1) measure the doorframe/ entrance. in case.

martha stewart weddings.

2) take the big trees (there were 2 of them!) to see how they'd look, or if they'd even fit, on the mantle.

3) figure out how many chairs there are per row in the oak room so i can pre-arrange seating.


Maggie @ Eat, Drink, Marry said...

It's hard not to be snarky at those sneak-a-peeks. I felt guilty at ours, because the opportunity to see other people's weddings in "your" space is a lesson in how NOT to do it more often than not.

So useful for measuring, etc., though. ;-)

Autumn Witt Boyd to be said...

My advice from our "sneak peak": Take a camera and take pictures of EVERYTHING because when you are gone you'll wonder... where did they have the bar? What did the serving pieces look like? Etc., etc., etc. Also measure everything you can think of. It should be fun!