Wednesday, February 11, 2009

#524: eastside, this is for you.


actually, it's for me.

actually, it's for the fiance and the boysies.

i asked him to pick a design to be printed. colors TBD. and i didn't tell him to "THINK ABOUT THE THEME". because.

we don't have a theme.

and he picked this one.

via toybreaker.



Nicole said...

I lerrrvvee these ties

Ashley said...

awesome! i just love all of those ties, i've been meaning to get one for my man

east side bride said...

your theme = we rock


Bridechka said...

I love these, your mens are gonna look hot!

Ruthie said...

I love these. They are amazing, and go sooo well with the rest of my wedding stuff!

Mainegal said...

My husband also picked a version of the tie for our wedding as well. He has a couple Toybreaker ties (we live in Detroit, where she is located) and loves them. I recommend them for any wedding or event. (He plans to pick another one for our baby's baptism)