Friday, February 20, 2009

#546: pins.

llubav via design sponge.

thanks to a comment left by victory bird, i'm now headed towards a different direction for the bouts. and lovin' it.

felt flower pins? never thought of that.

but i'm glad it's been brought to my attention. i mean. this pin would totally have a life after the wedding.

in my hair. or on a dress. or on a bag. or _________.

know what i mean.


Liz said...

Are you going to be making or buying this? It's a great idea to attampt a diy. :)

Vilija said...

Those are great flowers! I too am looking for a flower accent and put a few designs together. I think I'm giving something to each of our ladies, moms too. Check out the short & sweet tutorial I posted on my new blog:

Lisanne said...

Sorry if this is a repeat (I haven't read all of the comments...) but did you see this?

Looove them!

O Collins said...

Hello! I actually just did some nice boutonnieres and corsages for my sister's New Year's Eve wedding using feathers and berries. I made them days ahead of time and they were beautiful and unique. I'd be glad to send you the photos.

Chic Maps by Nikki said...

I am absolutely in LOVE with these!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Jeremiah K - The Perfect Pear l.l.c. said...

nice! nice! nice!
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