Wednesday, February 11, 2009

#523: done.

via city of beverly hills.

rehearsal lunch venue? check.


AmyJean said...

Sweet! Congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

If your in-laws aren't coming to the ceremony (and therefore the ceremony rehearsal/picnic lunch), are they coming to the reception? I think missing the ceremony is really sad & I can imagine that you are devastated. How can committing to love someone forever be offensive to anyone's religion? Good luck together.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, i don't understand it anymore than anyone else can. I know lots of people who are Catholic and were fine with non-Catholic weddings. We are super sad that the grooms parents are pulling this. I don't understand how they can just agree to disagree and come support their son. They are really weird. So, about the reception I think they mentioned that would be ok to come to but if they can't get over themselves to come to the ceremony i kinda don't want them at the reception. I mean, how do we explain that we weren't good enough to come to the ceremony for but they will come get free food and drinks at our reception! I'm really interested to know if anyone else out there has future in-laws out there who are refusing to come to the ceremony due to a religious conflict.

alynotfromcali said...

I love LaCienega Park. When I lived at LaCienega & Olympic (my favorite of all my LA hoods) I used to run there every day...and I hate running. Awesome venue!