Friday, February 27, 2009

#555: plan b. ish.

i have my centerpieces. kind of.

but i'm getting distracted. by pretties like jessica's centerpieces. i've said multiple times up-down-sideways about not wanting candles in our wedding (too much trouble). but now i'm double thinking that whole thing.

via tying the knot.

see? simple. DIY-able. and very very pretty.

main cause of my centerpiece roaming eye is the paper flower trial last weekend that pretty much failed. i was able to buy an amazing amount of paper at an amazing price and i had hoped that it would work. because that would have been amazing.

but the paper's just not the right weight for the project. not so amazing.

hm. while i was typing this post, i just had a thought. how about adhering two pages together to make thicker paper and THEN attempting the flowers. eh. it might work, it might not. i'll try it tonight. it'll be my last ditch effort until i suck it up and go back to michael's to buy heavier stock.

or until i decide that paper flowers are a no go, period.

or until i decide that rock candy was always the best idea.

or until i decide that candles are the obvious choice.


Leika said...

I admit I've always been partial to the candles, and I LOVE this look! I might have to..."borrow" the concept for my own reception!

Molly said...

I was having a hard time deciding on my centerpieces too until I found submersible Floralytes yesterday. They're little LED lights that come in 10 colors, you can turn them on and off and replace the batteries so no long-term waste. And they look awesome in vases/jars with some clear pebbles or marbles to reflect the light. Search them in Google Images and see what I mean! :)

Tafe said...

What about something made of doilies on your trees?

or tissue paper flowers;

Tafe said...

Apparently you can buy a kit via Martha's website:

a mindful bride said...
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a mindful bride said...

Are you looking for other ideas for your trees? I liked the rock candy idea. What about ribbons? Or modifying one of the garlands that you had been contemplating for the chandeliers during the ceremony?

Ayla said...

Stick with the paper flowers, I thought they worked fine! Its just the colors that are a bit.. questionable. although it could be my monitor. And like you suggested, do only 1 color per center-piece so it looks less busy and distracting and more designer-esque. If that makes any sense.

Ayana C said...

OH My... your centerpiece.

check it:

love your blog, BTW!

Alison said...

1) about doubling up the paper on the flowers: That could be AWESOME.. like it would double up the petals. maybe. So I vote to at least try that! (I also tried making some for fun and mine look like poop)

2) So I totally don't know if this would work.. but I saw something the other day that made me think of your rock candy project.. what if you used gummies? Like.. cut gummy bears up into cubes and strung them up? It might be weird though. But maybe it would be cool?

3) I honestly like your trees way more than that centerpiece in that picture. It's nice and all, but I LOVE those trees and vote you stick with them. I'm sure you can find SOMETHING to do with them, even if it's not the flowers or candy!

un-bride said...

Hang in there girl. Your posts always make me smile ... just remember that you are very much NOT alone.

Brandi said...

you just made my day. Honestly, my mind is totally blown right now. I'm doing a wintery blue grey silver thing, also for 10,000 and that site in your comment is going to help me SO much. you rule the school.

Meg said...

I like yours 100X more. Though I'm sure these are totally right for whoever they belong to. But yours are totally right for you.



Anonymous said...

Have you thought about using fabric or ribbon instead of paper for your "flowers"? It might be a little harder, but you might like the look... ferretnose/2325113957/

This one is my comes with instructions:

jessica lynn said...

awww i am so glad that you liked our centerpieces!!! ummm and i am THRILLED that you even read my blog!!! :) for us, the centerpiece w/ floating candles was perfect. it was tall, i could accent with ribbon, it complimented the chandelier at the reception hall and it was not time consuming! oh, and it was CHEAP! just go with your gut on your ideas for centerpieces, you won't regret it! :)

Bridal Inquirer said...

Just had to share my candle story...we had candles on each table and one of our guests jackets caught on fire while he was dancing! Luckily no one was hurt, he just stomped it out and kept on dancing...but it was funny how many people mentioned it in our guestbook! :)

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