Friday, February 20, 2009

#547: like this.

via a tale of two brides (yes, which is also v-bird from the previous post).

so. this is what my dress looks like pretty much exactly. minus the fur.

thought i'd share. because now i'm daydreaming.


Jamie said...

It really is lovely, minus the fur (bleck). Is it the exact same dress?

Meg said...

Um, plus the fur! Just use vintage. Though LA in the spring not so much.

Anyways - girlfriend! You gotta rock it freanch style. Becuase that's a stellar dress, and yum. (but you know it could go sorority girl if pushed the wrong way. But the dress would cry a little).

Yum. Maegan said...


HPhillips said...

I love this dress! Who makes it?

Kilee said...

Very pretty. I love the dress too! Where shall one find it?


Ten Thousand Only said...

it's not the exact same dress -- my straps are skinnier and bejeweled. but the cut in the front aka the deep v is exactly so. good thing my pups are smalls.

my dress:

Jeremiah K - The Perfect Pear l.l.c. said...

I dnt like the coat fur thing, it nakes me funny and all, I like simplicity, simplicity is beauty to the eye of the beholder.
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