Monday, January 12, 2009

#473: thinking out loud.

so as it turns out, i don't really do wedding stuff unless i actually document that i'm DOING IT...on this blog. meh.

to recall last week, here's my to-do list for january. i haven't done much of anything on it yet. i think it has a bit to do with the new year blues i'm wrestling with (why i have this i don't know)...but i'm slowly starting the feel the fire up my @$$ and know i need to really do things NOW to avoid a meltdown later. meh.

so i'm going to put on my journal hat and jot my thoughts on our ceremony and reception procession. in other words, this is going to be a boring post.

music starts (sticking with just one song. no switching of the music when i start down the aisle.)
groom's mom with groom's brother-in-law
bride's mom with bride's brother
flower girl #1
flower girl #2
bridesmaid with nephew (repeat 4x's)
bride and father of the bride
officiant says stuff
we say our vows
we hug the parents and give thanks
officiant says stuff
we're husband and wifey!


bridesmaids and groomsmen are introduced
slideshow of bride and groom (this is a maybe)
bride and groom are introduced
groom brings bride to father
father/daughter dance
invite all father/daughters to the dancefloor
salad is served (bride/groom goes around to the tables)
main course is served
best man speech
maid of honor speech (ends with inviting us to our first dance)
first dance
invite all couples to the dancefloor
keep the music playing
(no announcement) cut the cake
dessert is served
bride and groom thanks everyone

and with that, i feel really productive. any comments?


AmyJean said...

That's how i learn/work... write it down... looks like you've got a great broken down list!! :) Good luck!


Jess & Frankie said...

I think I have the same blog/wedding disease. I can't do a project or think about something without blogging it! what are we to do?!

Broke-ass Bride said...

Uhm, thank you so much! I've been wondering to myself - who goes down the aisle and in what order? And, when do toasts happen during a reception? I've not attended tons of weddings in my day, so this was incredibly helpful :)

Hannah Noel said...

You are further ahead than I am!

Yeah-- I have to blog about something in order to get it done!!

Anonymous said...

I love your checklist!

I just started a blog and OMG I know what you mean. I'm only 3 days into it and everything I see I want to blog about!

Mary Michal said...

I love the part where the officiant "says stuff." Haha

Anonymous said...

thanks for this
i've had trouble with the order of the reception
i like your plan!

Mrs. Andi said...

That is a pretty good set up so far!! That will also help you with your general timeline. Sounds like a busy day!

Meg said...

Thoughts (you get what you pay for from me ;)
- You cuold be walked down the asile by both parents. It's an option worth mulling over.
- I am over wedding party introductions. Why not just party-party? I mention this because I remember you mentioning the hating the drawn out wedding party nonsense, everyone looking tired etc, at the many weddings you attended. So, sometimes it doesn't occur to us that we can cut something until someone mentions it, so hey! But then again, my wedding party is pretty non-traditional :)

MarriedBliss said...

I've looked at your blog for a long time now. Just something to think about and maybe I am completely wrong here. But I thought the bride and groom were supposed to be the first dance of the night. You guys are supposed to kick off the party. Not only is it your first dance as a married couple, but it is the first dance of the night and it is just for you. And as someone who just got married, I couldn't wait to dance with my husband. I wouldn't have wanted to dance with anyone else first.

Ten Thousand Only said...

and i thought i was the only one procrastinating! good to know i have company.

so the reason i opted for the father/daughter dance because i was thinking about fluidity.

i didn't want to dance with the groom at the very beginning and then just go back to our seats. too anti-climactic for my taste, you see. haa..

so here's what i was thiking: i thought i'd dance with dad first. we'd walk back to the family table where husband would meet me. husband and i would then start walking around to the tables as soon as they started serving the first course.

i was hoping that the hub's and my first dance wouldn't just end with the first i thought to do our first dance more towards the end as a jump start to the dance portion of the reception.

i don't know. i think it totally does make more sense for the bride/groom to dance first. so who knows. i might do a switcheroo. 4 months to decide.

oh. or maybe i could just ask the fiance what he thinks and do what he wants...

Lindsey said...

I agree with MarriedBliss... definitely do your dance first. I understand where you're coming from, but it really is your moment to shine with your new hubby and it kicks off the party. I am a fan of being introduced and either going straight to the cake cutting or straight into the first dance. But then again, I am skipping the father-daughter dance at my wedding!

Love your blog... keep up the amazing work!

MarriedBliss said...

I like your reason for wanting to put your Father-Daughter dance. I think it would be beautiful to see your husband giving you to your father for dance. However, a part of me thinks it would take away from the significance of your first dance with your husband.

What about doing the dances after dinner? We had a later ceremony (6pm start) and the reception didn't start until 7:30. So we did the follow schedule:
-Dinner (we were served first, so we ate a little bit and then walked around from table to table)
-Cake Cutting
-First Dance
-Mom/Daughter Dance (my dad is deceased)
-Mom/Son Dance
-Guest Dance - we had a song dedicated to our guests and the DJ invited everyone out to the floor to join us for this song.
-Then since everyone was out on the dance floor, the party started!

Just an idea. You have plenty of time to figure out the order of the reception. I think I put the final order together the week of the wedding.