Friday, August 17, 2007

#158: one more time.

i'd featured this site before but i was zipping through again and found these beauties. so i'm sharing.

$450. imagine your hair all pulled up with a grace kelly-ish hat + veil. my oh my. i'd feel like i was floating.

i think it's out of my price range at $700. but then again, maybe not. that little slit in the back is so demure.

$650 for the ballerina in you.

even something for the mamas.

winter bride...

gosh, the details on this dress are stunning.

ok, go take a look at the frock! they even have dresses categorized by time periods like victorian and flapper and etc, if that's more your kind of thing.


Anonymous said...

The first one is gorgeous but omg...only someone the size of Nicole Richie could wear this.

e said...

great finds! i think it's a useful site for brides of all budgets. why spend $2000 on cheap satin and lace at a bridal shop when you could buy an intricately made gown of quality fabrics for the same price?

umm, i can't remember, but did i mention there aren't many nice things in your price range, but there are some really nice dresses for $800-$2000 by vera wang, monique lhuillier and all the other usual suspects. lots of these dresses are unworn (2 dress brides or sample sale finds).

Never teh Bride said...

This is when I sigh about having nowhere to wear fancy gowns. Beautiful!

Also, e is right, rules.