Thursday, August 16, 2007

#157: tissues!

found darcy miller's new blog for brides through faye and greer and brooklyn bride.

and of course i feel all giddy and bubbly inside, like i got a new pair of hot shoes or lost 10 pounds or something.

august 15th's post features this tablescape. see those hurricanes? covered in tissue! COVERED IN TISSUE! how brilliant is that?! i dunno, i think it's pretty brilliant.

i think the different shades of a similarish color family really add texture to the table and imagine the hue. THE HUE! from the candle! a centerpiece like this is really a DIY-over-a-long-period-of-time-way-before-the-wedding-day dream come true.

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e said...

it's about time they started a blog! i hope it's good.
side note: i was watching my big fat fabulous wedding on and became soooo depressed. these million dollar weddings are so ugly! i think it's more fun to plan on a budget; it forces you to be creative and draw on your strengths rather than rely solely on a price tag or a wedding coordinator's ideas. hooray for diy!