Thursday, August 30, 2007

#165: tara reid and leann rimes.

is it just me or did tara and leann do jc penney bridal ads not too long ago? i remember not thinking much of them. but then manolo for the brides featured some of their dresses on her site the other day. the rather fantastic twisty design below will set you back $119.99. granted, the front is kind of low-cut. so to wear the dress, you'd have to be somewhat flat-chested, i'd think.

score! for me, that is. *sigh*

from jc penney.


kaitlin said...

I think this dress is gorgeous! I actually bought (and returned) it...I actually didn't think it was too low cut...since it's cut on the bias, it sorta butt was too big to handle the cut, though (hence the returning of it)...haha

perfectbound said...

I think it was Leann that did the JC Penny Wedding ads. Her dress (strapless) was beautiful in those ads!

cHill Weddings said...

I really love this dress. It's so sexy yet really elegant at the same time. I looked far and wide for a dress with crisscross back, but couldn't find anything with fabric or cut that I loved.

amber said...

this dress is beautiful! sexy without being too revealing (even better if you're tiny on top!)