Monday, August 6, 2007

#138: personal touch.

the way i see it, in order to spruce up a wedding and get the most BUDGET need to make it unique by making it your own. aka big emphasis on the personal touches.

one of my proudest purchases EVER has been the gocco. i can't even imagine how proud i'm going to be when i actually have it in my wiley, anxious hands.

but another proud purchase i'm on the cusp of a sewing machine. i'm taking a class right now (and surprise, they sell sewing machines!) and it's even got me considering making my own bm dresses.

long story short, with the gocco and sewing machine in tow, look at what i could make. goodness gracious, they're just loverly.

from frolic

bird and banner


Chelsea said...

Thanks for the link:) I am jealous of your soon to be Gocco ownership.

Rosie & Andy said...

Sorry for the late comment. I was on my honeymoon!!

These are great!! And, you could do them SUPER cheap! You could get fabric scraps from the craft store for really inexpensive.

The only downside would be the postage. You might hit the 2oz rate.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, you've inspired me!