Tuesday, August 14, 2007

#151: readers rock.

i came across $1.00 glowsticks during a recent trip to sports basement. ergo, post #149.

when i was posting, i was picturing centerpieces of glass troughs with rows of glowsticks lined at the bottom (i'd get the cheaper, dimmer ones of course for optimal uh, dimness) filled with water and flowers or floating patches of grass.

but THEN, jessica suggested sticking these sticks in balloons and stringing them up.

and THEN, katie b suggested using them in lanterns.

and THEN, teana remembered that miss emerald of weddingbee had posted about how she made it work.

sigh. loves it all. thank you!

1 comment:

Teana said...

hey, us plan before the engagement girls gotta stick together! besides, i know i've lifted some stuff here myself...great resource i say. lol.