Thursday, August 30, 2007

#162: less is more.

from brooklyn bride.

bright green apples are so pretty, especially with such a stark background. so are pomegranates. or any fantastically colored roundish fruit, for that matter.

but...then it got me thinking. guess what you could do with apple centerpieces. especially bright green granny smiths...that you can't really do with any of the other fruits...or you could but it wouldn't make as much sense.

you could hand out mini jars of caramel or gooey chocolate as favors for folks to take home and dip apple slices in.

what do you think?


Teana said...

i think you're onto something. that would be a great idea!

Jessica said...

My friend used green apples as her escort 'cards'. Each apple had the small name flag attached with a pretty gold head pin - the effect was really beautiful!