Friday, August 10, 2007

#146: nifty site.

found an interactive wedding budget planner!

you enter your budget amount and based on their own models, they spit out an allocation. i think this is a great and basic starting point in determining how much should go where.

this is what came out for me:

tto and tto bf's Wedding Budget
Estimates Based On A Budget Of: 10000

RECEPTION Food, Drinks, Location Fee 5000
ATTIRE Bridal Dress, Tuxedos, Accessories 1000

PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY Photographer, Videographer, Albums 1000
ENTERTAINMENT DJ's, String Quartet, Band 1000

MISCELLANEOUS Marriage License, taxes, tips 450
FLORAL/DECORATION Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Ceremony Flowers, Table Centerpieces 1000
STATIONERY Wedding Invitations, RSVP Cards, Thank You Cards 400

RINGS Bride's Wedding Ring, Groom's Wedding Ring 200
TRANSPORTATION Transportation to the Ceremony, Transportation to the Reception 400
GIFTS Wedding Favors, Gifts for the Female and Male Attendants 250
CEREMONY Ceremony Location Fees, Officiant's Fee or Donation 150

i can tell you straight up that i'd ex the transportation cost and entertainment would not be $1000 (ipods rule!). instead, i'd add those funds to the reception or photography costs. and with my previous budgets, i hadn't even factored in marriage license fees and such. see how helpful it is? try it!

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Teana said...

ooooh...i love it! thanks!