Wednesday, August 15, 2007

#155: cones.


i was inspired by the preppy wedding's post with this egg cup tadow.

this is what i'd do.

1) cut about 2 inches off the bottoms of the cones to create ringlets.
2) dip them in tea and stain to get a vintage look; the paper would also harden after drying (which is what you want!).
3) bunch short-stemmed daisies or carnations (or hydrangeas). i'm guessing carnations would be the cheapest choice.
4) place the flowers in each cut cone and set on each place setting.

why the cones and not just make loops with regular paper? well, the cones have somewhat of a top support. i figure it'd hold up the flowers better than regular paper could. it's an inexpensive way to really dress up a table...and when it's taken off the plate by everyone, it would create a pseudo centerpiece.

how inexpensive? 200 cones = $5.96.

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