Tuesday, August 14, 2007

#150: more on the same thing.

a reader asked about the tent issue for the last venue i found.

so guess what i did. i called the church. and asked if they provided the tents as shown in their photo. and guess what i learned. the picture i found on the website is the lawn area between the church and prince erik hall. it isn't prince erik hall. doi! and no, the tent shown does NOT come included in the church package.

however, judy went on to explain that prince erik hall actually belongs to SAG, the catering company, and though the picture i found is not prince erik hall, SAG just recently installed a canopy complete with a chandelier, that obviously comes included in the package as it's a permanent fixture. plus, the canopy is apparently over a concrete area, so you wouldn't need to rent a separate dance floor.

say what?!

i could barely contain myself...pictures, judy, where are the pictures?!?! she directed me to SAG's website, which i'd already been on, which says "pictures coming soon!" DOUBLE DOI!

now, i know not to get all riled up about a venue before i check it out. and, before i even get engaged. and, before i'm even ready to get married.

but honestly. doesn't it sound great? and a girl can dream, right? the answer is YES, so below, i've included some dreamy 'tent with chandelier' pics off google images. oh, and by the way, judy is sending me a brochure so i can get full details on using that garden area that belongs to the church. albeit there is zero tenting included, but it could turn out to be economical just the same. think big picture, people!

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sagardens.com said...

Prince Erik Hall & Gardens in Arcadia. Go to www.sagardens.com/PEH for information and photos. We have cemented a dance area, so it is not nessary to rent a dance floor. We customize your event to fit your needs.

We cater at another facility in Sierra Madre called Villa del Sol d'Oro. Go to www.sagardens.com/VDSDO for information & photos.