Monday, August 6, 2007

#139: the atrium.

i've been meaning to write about this for a while.

i've been researching quite a bit on venues...but can't seem to really make peace with the online finds and my budget. and by 'budget', of course i mean my fake budget. a-hem.

here are my thoughts on the pros and cons as reception venue options continue to roll around in my head. i apologize ahead of time for not being organized.

the problem with asking a family member or friend for use of their house to hold the that you have to coordinate and front the cost of renting tables, chairs, linens, plates, dancefloor, lighting, etc. not only that but you have to hire the help, find a caterer, insure everything (protect yourself!), get cleaning crew, rent a bar, buy the liquor, etc. and then on top of ALL of that, i personally think i'd be stressed about that 'certain someone' (you know, that guest, the one who always gets too obnoxiously drunk at weddings) effing something up in the house. the thought of having to hold my head in shame for all eternity if anything got detroyed at the gracious host's abode is really too much to bear. even just as a thought. so...all things considered, it doesn't seem like such a great idea. and plus, there's a whole lotta coordination that needs to happen to pull it off successfully.

but THEN i get to thinking...hey, the house would be free and costs could be pared down with a bbq or buffet style reception. there would be less ware to rent and built-in deco with amazing paper plates like these and catering services often come with hired help in tow. so to be honest, i think this idea still has a chance. 1 being NO WAY and 10 being ABSOLUTELY, a backyard wedding possibility is about a 6. oh, and in case you're wondering, the backyard that tops my list is my uncle's home. it's not all that big...but there's a sizeable grill, a pool and lots of trees for shade. picture a thousand fairy lights everywhere. because this girl loves her some fairy lights.

now, that said, my brain recently got to thinking about other spaces as such that would cost close to nothing but not give off that cheapy feel (like a rec center)and is not a zillion miles away (seems like venues farrrr away from the city are more budget friendly). and the first place that popped into my mind was the standard hotel in downtown l.a. the rooftop bar is something crazy...the view, the vibe, the set up. granted, i'd never be able to afford a reception there because it is all very $$$$$$$$$. but what about places LIKE that. and then i remembered my friend's apartment building. there was an amazing rooftop pool and fantastic views of all of boston. getting clearance to use such a space could prove difficult...but come on. for views and a venue so unique (and most likely, free too), i'd definitely look into it. so then what about a friend or family member who has a condo? if the condo building doesn't have rooftop access, do they have a garden area? a courtyard? see where i'm going with this?

along those same lines, i started thinking about office buildings. do you work in a great building that would allow rooftop use? i don't know if my office building allows rooftop use...but we do have a lobby area called 'the atrium' that is available for rent. there are some hoops i'd need to jump through to rent it...but it is soo much more affordable than renting a mansion or a loft (assuming those venues also don't provide the tables etc.) plus, the space is architecturally quite stunning.

but, going back to the rooftops...i look around me and see so many tall buildings...and can't help thinking that the rooftops don't get enough use. i'd love to give the rooftops out there some love. and maybe, just maybe, there's a rooftop out there that could use the loving...

keeping (all of) those thoughts in mind, i searched a little bit on google images for backyard wedding inspiration.

oh, and some rooftop views.


Never teh Bride said...

I'd be so tempted to jump into the pool in my gown ;-) It's a wonder I didn't wade into the river on my wedding day.

perfectbound said...

Who wouldn't love a rooftop wedding? The view itself is worth a million. We too were blown away by the cost of renting a venue. Have you also considered public parks, aka Miranda and Steve's wedding on Sex and the City?

Lisa said...

Wow, do you happen to know where that photograph on the rooftop in San Francisco is? I'm currently researching venues and that is a really gorgeous view.

Ten Thousand Only said...

lisa, first of all, your e-ring is killah!!

second, i have no idea where that rooftop is. it's safe to guess that the building is near the transamerica building though so i'd suggest that you try calling hotels in regis, w, the palace, four seasons, mandarin oriental. even if you don't tag the exact location of the photo, they may be able to offer you a rooftop that's even more spectacular.

also, i found the pic on google images off the website: perhaps you can give them a shout and they can tell you where the special location is.

if the place turns out to be affordable for someone with a goal like mine, please be kind and share your research! good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

I tried posting this before but it disappeared. You should take a look at Villa del Oro del Sol in Sierra Madre. Part of Alvaro High School. Catering costs about $17 per plate. Good place for a budget wedding.