Sunday, November 23, 2008

#434: the placecards.

we've collected about four of these since i was first inspired to do so. and we have 6 months left to collect even more.

i was thinking about using them to make my invitations but, well, i don't need to anymore (more on this later).

however. i still need placecards. so i'm planning to cut up the cardboardish things to direct peoples to their tables.

and i'm pretty happy about it.


nicole said...

hey- just in case you get tired of collecting cereal boxes... i bought a couple giant pieces of card stock at michael's and cut those up to make place cards-- probably just as budget friendly and only a smidge less green.

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely love it! But, can you really feed it through a printer?

rebekah at ead living said...

We have two boxes each week. Do you want us to ship them to you?

Ten Thousand Only said...

rebekah! too hilarious. no. but it would be awesome to see creative project from you making use of them!! :)