Tuesday, October 2, 2007

#192: recycle.

from frolic.

the bf wants to get a compost thing. composte? i don't even know how it's spelled, that's how much i care about the environment. but isn't the above business card cute? it's printed on a cereal box! and bf and i go through quite a few cereal boxes. save the dates with a magnet strip would work. or...i would even go so far as to suggest invites on them. direction cards...ceremony programs...

the colors would be whimsical too.

my favorite is smart start.



Teana said...

ooh, i'm a fan of blueberry morning [so glad when i found it was carried at my local target for cheaper than any other place i'd seen it before] and fruity pebbles. actually, i love all the sugary kids stuff so that would be tons of fun and color if i went with this idea!

bunnybride said...

An old boyfriend and I would use our old cereal boxes as acrylic paint palettes on the printed side and then use them as postcards with friends.

There are a million uses. Our Save-the-dates were recycled chipboard that was watercolor brushed and written on with india ink.

I love this business card idea.

s'mee said...

I am delurking! I have come here for so long now, but am surfacing to say "thanks". No rings, but a wedding may be on the horizon for one of my daughters and if so, this blog and all of it's archives will be worn completely out!

Thank you for all your research!