Thursday, November 6, 2008

#419: a "classifieds" post.

um, for myself.


so while i haven't decided whether to keep or sell the wedding dress i "like a lot but wouldn't be devastated not wearing" (anyone want it?), a good photographer is a must.


i can't spend thousands upon thousands on photography. like not even close to $3000. best scenario would be closer to $1500. i know. it's not much.


i'm also not asking for much (or so i think. but what do i know. i'm not a photographer. just a blogger who sets unrealistic goals for herself.)

i need someone who:

1) is currently building a portfolio (or anyone else who is ok with low price points to help a sister out).
2) has an eye like mine.
3) has 6-8 hours free on that saturday in may 2009.
4) knows how to edit photos to make them pretty in print.
5) provides a high-res cd of all images.

know of anyone?

tenthousandonly at gmail dot com

and seriously? it'd just be cool to find my photog through this blog.

help me help you and thanks.

p.s. i'm located in l.a. hizzy! (l.a.)

p.p.s. the wedding ceremony and reception will be in beverly hills.


nicole said...

remind us where you're located?

Kristy - Where's My Damn Answer said...

Let me send out a few inquiries. Where in LA are you?

Erin said...

That l.a. part is the problem! I'm getting my photography (including an engagement session) for $350 from a blooming photographer. Good luck, I'm pulling for you making it on the budget!

Jessica said...

Hi TTO! I'm a huge fan of your blog and although i subscribe to many of them, yours is the one that really inspired me to start my own ( I'm getting married in October '09 at the Marvimon House. My photographer, Sarah K. Chen, has a second shooter that she uses pretty frequently and her work is great!! Her name is Jonilyn, and she shoots in a very fresh, contemporary, slightly edgy style. Check out to see her stuff. I'm not totally sure what her prices would be like, but she is still building her portfolio, and Sarah's prices are really reasonable so I'd imagine Jonilyn's are pretty fantastic. Best of luck with the search!!

Eliza said...

Also, consider putting an ad on Craigslist. That's where a lot of photographers look for gigs when they're first starting out (I sure did). Word of warning: it's a mixed bag on Craigslist. There are some diamonds in the rough and some serious duds. If you go that route make sure you see their work, meet them in person, really hit it off, and ask for references. This is a person who will be shadowing you ALL DAY and you want to be 100% sure you click.

Andrea said...

Elizabeth Ray, aka Eray, is incredible. She's based out of SF, grew up in NOLA, photographed my wedding in Atlanta. She's amazing to work with, unbelievably sweet, and has a genuine passion for what she does. Check out her portfolios! (I'm the bride with the mantilla and the champagne-colored gown.)
Her engagement shots of me and my husband were some of the most fun I've ever had.

Linda said...

Yup, Craigslist is your friend. I would definitely recommend checking out Craigslist.
I went with a non-wedding photographer which lowered the cost dramatically. You might want to google event photographers too.

PaperFresh Bride said...

There are amazing photographers that are still in school that would love to build their portfolios. Placing targeted ads within the photography departments of schools like Otis and in the art department of UCLA could yield some great results. Also you could consider advanced students at a local art center. My photographer is a graduating art student at DePaul University and she is an amazing up and coming photographer. I wish she was in L.A. so I could send her to you. Good luck!

lisa said...

another vote for jonilyn- my sister used her and her shots were fabulous.

Bethany said...

i havent left comments before, but i love the blog :)

a friend is using and i hear their prices are competitive :)

Hannah Noel said...

What Saturday in May are you getting married? (I'm no photographer, I just wondered bc my wedding is in May too lol)

Elizabeth said...

Call the LA Times and ask for the photo intern. Many talented young folks roll through there and have a tough time making rent in the land of high living expenses and low intern pay.

ka1t_lyn said...

May be hard... I'm in Metro Detroit, MI and a photog around here for digital prints and 4-6 hours on a Saturday in May (near peak wedding season) would at best 1500. Much less in L.A.

mel said...

And don't forget that you want a copyright release form, giving you the copyright of the photos and the ability to print them a million times.

Trust me, that is like GOLD.

I found my [soon to be as long as she's not booked] photographer on craigslist. She says she's an amateur photog, but her work is top-notch. Her rates are reasonable, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for me AND you!

Pat said...

I reckon your best bet for a wedding photographer is to look out for an up and coming photographer - someone who is competent and is branching into wedding photography.

When I started last year I did a few very cheap weddings through eBay just to build a portfolio. My rates are much higher now although still cheap for the quality of photography I produce IMHO, but you do get what you pay for :-)

Even though my wedding photography skill have come on a very long way since then, my first attempts were not bad by any means and at least on par with the cheaper professionals. I did my first wedding for 0.01p!

Good luck.


betting_im_not said...

My husband and I are just staring our photography business! We're on the east coast, but we love to fly! As long as your wedding isn't May 30th!

here is our website:

Heather from the bar said... Try that guy out. He is just starting to branch out on his own, and he is super talented. I know he shot a wedding last summer for $1500, so he may be a little higher for next summer, but it is worth checking out :)

Jenna said...

My photog pops in and out of California all the time. Email her and find out where she is going to be located at that time?

sibajumerah said...

Hi!!! I love your blog!!! This is my first comment to you, although I have been reading it almost daily :) I'm getting married next June, and while searching for the perfect photographer, I found this wonderful, wonderful man who does amazing wedding photography for like... really affordable rate. 4 hours for under 1K. Check him out at Tell him Stacy & Evo referred you to him. Good luck :)

Maddie said...

Featured on Offbeat Bride today and in the SoCal area!

Kristen said...

hah, maddie beat me to it. I was going to refer you to the lovely and talented Amanda Brooks photography featured on OffbeatBride today. Check her out...her work is gorgeous!

Jen said...

Long time lurker, first time commenting, fellow wedding planning bride...

My sister is a photographer in LA! I didn't ask her to do my wedding because I want her to enjoy the day instead of working but I'll refer her to your post and see if she's interested!

Gingerbread Girl said...

You should definitely look into my photographer - he has an amazing eye and is just a tad over your price range requirements.

Also, an up and coming photog I like is Jordana Hazel - she's mostly a second shooter/b-pics/TTD right now, but has potential.

Sarah said...

i think you'd be a great candidate for this contest:

i think i remember reading that you're getting married before the timeframe of the contest ... but honestly, i'd submit anyway! it's a contest based on design, not need ... and you definitely focus on design, regardless of budget!

good luck! i know you'll find someone!

Amaree said...

I'd recommend checking out Jordana from Hazelnut Photography: She's a new photographer in LA- my DOC recommended her if we wanted to have an inexpensive third shooter. We ended up passing, but she has a great portfolio so far that she's trying to develop.

Melissa Fields said...

I'm not in LA, but I wish I could photograph your wedding!

Flip through the pages and you'll find wedding pictures, engagement photos and others.

Good luck!

Abi said...

I would recommend looking on I am a wedding photographer and I have been for almost five years now. When my fiance and I got engaged in August and decided to only have a three month engagement, Craiglist and Flickr were the places I turned to. I hated looking on Craiglist because I had to wade through all the crap (bad photogs, no websites/portfolios, fake ads, etc.). On Flickr, I could see ALL of that individuals photos.
I ended up sending FlikrMail to people who I was VERY loosely associate with that lived in the same area who were great photographers, but didn't tout around the word "professional" and the price tag that comes with it.
You also have the same needs/wants that I did. No albums, no print credits; just a disc with images. Releasing the printing rights to you isn't that big of a deal. It just means that you don't go through the photographer to get prints, which doesn't really matter anymore because most photographers don't do their own printing anyway. They really don't make money off the prints, they make it off their time. So stick to your guns. Someone like who you are looking for is not hard to find, you just have to look in the right spots.

Elizabeth said...

Anonymous said...

Good luck with finding your photographer. I think I found ours today, and it's for $1495 for everything we want. We live in the Kansas City area, though, so while our requests are exactly like yours, we may have a different market to look into. I searched on Google under both "Web" and "Blogs", as well as through Craigs List. There are a lot of amateur photographers who sell their talents through that site.

Bridal Inquirer said...

I know you have found The One, but I just wanted to share my wedding photographer...just in case: Sean Loring Schofield! He is based in San Diego, but loves to travel :)

It was only $1725 for 8hrs, two locations, photos on Pictage as well as a disc of all pics!

My wedding vendor review: