Saturday, November 15, 2008

#428: sassy.

$210 tibi.

$379.80 mayle.

$240.10 anna sui.

$336 vera wang.

$273.75 thread social.

$265 3.1 phillip lim.

$547.50 lela rose.

$333.75 alice + olivia.

$468 miu miu.

$255 tory burch.

$297.50 diane von furstenberg.

$385 chloe.

more dresses here.


chelsea said...

I love the Vera Wang, Thread Social and Lela Rose ones. All of them are great options!!

WestAussieWedding said...

My favourite is number 3, Anna Sui.

Does this mean you are selling your spenno wedding dress?

Ten Thousand Only said...

i haven't decided to sell my wedding dress just yet.

i was just in the mood to 'window shop' last night and wanted to share the goodies. enjoy!

Amber said...

Mmmmmm short dresses are the best. I'm going to be a short dresses post super soon.

I love the Chloe and the Tibi and the Vera Wang and the all of the above.

WestAussieWedding said...

yeah I love short dresses too..
if only i didnt have a tattoo I regret on my ankle... that is really the only thing stopping me from wearing a short dress

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings said...

I love all of these dresses! That Vera Wang dress is so fabulous! I love these short dresses.I feel that they really speak to the bride's personality!

Sarah said...

I ADORE thread dresses!!! Great pick on this one.

i do! nyc said...

that is genius. they could also make for awesome "after-party" dresses, which i am thinking about =)