Saturday, November 29, 2008

#444: next week.

i'm throwing a baby shower for one of my dear friends.

it was planned last minute so there will probably only be about 8-10 people. i loves me an excuse to host an intimate get-together.

i was inspired by emily style and researched some new recipes. if i don't use these on the day of, i think i might just cook them up for the fiance.

baked egg custard with gruyere and chives
quick sausage and mushroom lasagna
lentil soup with italian sausage and escarole
steak with parmesan butter balsamic glaze and arugula
sweet potato and kim chi pancakes
beet and goat cheese tartines
mixed berry and cassis sundaes
orzo with garbanzo beans, goat cheese and oregano


erica said...

i just made the glazed gingerbread that she posted about a week or so ago, and they were soo good!

Molly Jean said...

Please post update after you try these especially interested in the beet/goat cheese tartines! Best!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you're planning on playing baby shower games...I know they can be really corny...but I went to a shower the other day and we played the cutest game. The host had frozen little baby figures in ice cubes and each guest got an ice cube in their drink. Whoever's ice cube melted first had to yell out "my water broke!" It was really cute and fun that we didn't have to finish nursery rhymes or some other 'thinking' game, we could just enjoy ourselves. I may be late catching onto this game, but really enjoyed it so I thought I'd share. :)

Ten Thousand Only said...

ohhhhhhh, i like that idea. any more?

kelly (and dan!) said...

I'm not sure if you're planning to do favors or not, but I saw a picture once of something I can't wait to try when I throw a baby shower for someone!

Cute and simple...

They bought little clear glass salt & pepper shakers (I've seen them at Ikea and places like Michael's), and filled one with sugar and one with cinnamon. They were tied together with a ribbon and had a tag that read "sugar and spice and everything nice... that's what little girls (or boys) are made of"

Keep us all posted on how the recipes turn out!

amber {daisy chain} said...

please post pics!