Monday, November 17, 2008

#429: to give is to receive.

erica of a history of architecture set up a little doo ditty. and i dig the concept so much that i thought you all should know about it.

especially if you like pretty clothes.

here's an excerpt taken from her blog a few weeks back explaining her decision to start the new blog.

blog no. 2--still working on a name--will be open to everyone who is interested in giving away or swapping clothing and accessories online. my only rule is that if you'd like to participate, all you can request for compensation is a small amount to cover shipping and handling ($5-25ish), plus a nominal amount if it's something that was ridiculously expensive. if you would like to post several items over time, i can add you as a team member so i don't have to spend too much time uploading your photographs and descriptions. anyone else can email me their postings, but obviously my life will be a lot easier if i don't have to become the sole site adminstrator. it should hopefully work on its own, more or less.

i don't think there will ever be an easy solution to online swaps, so i'm going to encourage members to do random giveaways instead. if you want to do a swap, that's up to you. it's a pretty simple thing, no? if you're a recipient, it's always nice to offer up something as a giveaway or swap in return. obviously, everything should be gently worn and in wearable/usable condition. it's a place for people to give away neglected but lovely things that deserve better than the goodwill racks but can't be sold for whatever reason on ebay (plus i hate ebay's fees and rules). it should be like a craigslist, but based on trust and not really for profit or self-promotion. if you're new to the blog, be sure to introduce yourself so we don't feel like we're giving things away to total strangers who may turn around and sell it.

i love buying clothes, and i probably spend too much time and money on it. i started this blog hoping to curtail my spending habits--obviously it hasn't been successful! it has, however, taught me to be more careful about what i buy. being able to give away some things is another way of reminding myself both to be cautious about future purchases and to be happy that someone else is going to enjoy something that didn't work out for me. i suspect that others are in the same boat as me, so maybe we can use this new blog to do justice to our unworn or neglected sweaters, necklaces, bags, and boots.

hopefully i'll have the site up and running in the next few weeks, maybe after the election madness blows over. email me if you're interested in being a team member.

the blog has been set up and site is aptly named laws of general economy.


Lisa said...

I've nominated you for a blog award. Check my blog for details. Thanks for all the great ideas!


{amy lynn} said...

hey! my bff and i do this!! last time she came to visit, i swapped my handbag for her pair of shoes. next time we see each other, we will either swap back, or swap something else. it's a great way to feel like you've gone shopping, without spending a dime!

Robyn said...

this is fantastic! Just another example of a smart woman with a genius concept!

Bridechka said...

Great idea, i am psyched to start swapping!