Sunday, August 17, 2008

#356: enter this contest.

to win a honeymoon in jamaica.

i did (...enter the contest, that is). because i can.



FightTheSize said...

I am loving on your blog. I've been planning my wedding for the last few months & we're not even engaged yet! Drives the boyfriend nuts, but I can't help it. I love your ideas & your theme! I think I'm going to redo my blog into a future-wedding-idea-spaz-attack type place!

Kati said...

You can also enter the little contest we are putting on over on my blog. it's no Jamaican Vacation, but it's pretty cool if you are obsessed with stationery! :)

/shameless plug

PurpleLime said...

Oh my, you are awesome. I love so so many of the ideas you have on here. I just came across your blog yesterday and went back and read all the entries. I'm not engaged (don't even have a bf, which means this little hobby of mine is a complete secret. I worry people will think I'm obsessed or only looking for a guy to have a wedding with and not think about the marriage, which couldn't be further from the truth!) but I just love the idea of planning a wedding. Whenever that day comes I'll probably be on a similar budget as you. I love watching Platinum Weddings but could never justify spending so much money on one day!!

You've got a good thing going here...I might have to start a blog to track all the things I've come across as well. I've already had instances of forgetting what website something was on and wishing I had written it down!