Sunday, August 17, 2008

#352: red lipstick.

my skin color's what you could call...mocha-ish. i'm tan. perpetually. and it's not really a problem except for the fact that i can't pull off red lipstick.

and sometimes, especially these days when i'm totally feeling the 1920s, i just really want to wear red lipstick. not burgundy red. i'm talking flame-thrower, clown makeup red.

but...le sigh...with my skin tone/color, that kind of red just doesn't work. i even think it gives me a bit of a shadow 'stache. know what i'm talking about? and not to say i resemble j.lo in the slightest...but have you ever seen her with firetruck-red lipstick? no. because what looks good is the nude glossy glossy.

but i think i'm ok with that. because i just found my hair/makeup inspiration picture. it includes a bit of the flapperistic feel minus the red lipstick.

from blogger brides.

ahem...not to say i resemble n.port in the slightest either...


Jen said...

i bet if you go to the MAC counter they will have a red for you. i thought the same thing about my skin tone and since then have found TWO different MAC reds that look good. just tell them that you have no clue and you want something red and vintage-looking. also, don't be suprised if they suggest a color that doesn't seem so red sitting on the counter because it could be really red when applied. Viva Glam I worked for me. It doesn't look red but when it is put on, it is. Also, lip gloss on top of red can completely change the color. There are orange reds, blue reds, etc. There is a the right one for you, I promise.

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings said...

I love this hair and make up look for you. The hair is absolutely fantastic! I adore the vintage feel to the hair with the modern twist! Beautiful!

Jessica Ralph said...

As a Blogger Bride for, I'm glad that you found the post that I did on "Bridemaids Hair"...and that you were drawn to this particular picture that I posted. That's a gorgeous, romantic hairstyle and I'm so happy that it inspired your wedding day look! I wish you all the best in your continued planning.

Anonymous said...

Hi to my fellow red lipstick loving future bride-

my skin is quite tan in the summer and the very best red I have found is surprisingly Revlon Outlast in "Forever Scarlet." It's one of the ones that stays on all day-however use a clear stick gloss (chapstick, etc) instead of the sticky gloss it comes with. Try it and I'm sure you will love the color. Be sure to play down your eyes though-this a "wow" color all on it's own. Good luck!