Monday, August 11, 2008

#347: oh hi margherita.

the "margherita" from amy kuschel.

i'm heading over to their sample sale this week. from what i can tell, their least expensive dress is $1600. take 60% off and it'll run me about $640.

but you never know.

maybe i'm meant to be there when i'm there.


Chelsea said...

darling dress.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Best of luck at the sale! When you find that special dress, you'll know its the one for you!

yaiAnn said...

ha, I'll be there too! There are a few that are calling my name and I HOPE they are all at the $1600 mark.

Teana said...

i would LOVE an amy kuschel dress. sigh. a sample will be the only way to achieve that so good luck! i really hope you find something so i can be intensely happy and jealous :)