Monday, August 4, 2008

#343: the *o*.

what? dresses at

i happened to buy some bed sheets from overstock eons ago and now i'm eternally on their "clearance!" "half off all markdowns!" emails. i usually trash such notifications but today decided to browse through their dress collection. i looked at all of the dresses and nothing really caught my eye...but i did like this little number.

$55.99 from $156.01

i have half a mind to glam up my bridal party in different dresses. i have four maids...and somehow they are all blessedly about the same size (myself included), meaning clothes and shoes are swapped or gifted more often than not. so...the other day, i came up with this idea...that it would be close to awesome to get 4 non matching but somewhat coordinated dresses and just let each gal choose whichever dress she wants.

i like the silk print dress and could imagine any of the gals looking rather smashing in it. the other 3 dresses could have any combo of the purples or goldishes...solids, prints, silk, non-silk...etc.

the bm dress world is my oyster.


Linda said...

That dress is beautiful. Perhaps for a shower or the rehearsal dinner. I think it would be difficult to find dresses to coordinate with that. And more than one dress like that would be too much IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Or you could have them all wear a dress they already have. I went to a wedding a few weeks ago where they did that, and it looked great!

Sorry to reply annonymously, but I'am at work and can't access anything. :-) But my name's Jennifer. (I know, real original, right?)

MsTeacherLady said...

I know this isn't going to be a popular comment, but I'll put it out there anyway. I really like it when bridesmaids of a large bridal party wear different but "coordinating" dresses, but ONLY when it's a large bridal party... Three or four girls (maybe even five) just look mismatched to me, but when you have six+ girls, and you can really see the range, then I think it looks amazing. Even with the black dress standby, if there's only three girls, I find myself stuck on the one with fishtail skirt, thinking, "sorry, that just doesn't work." I am, however, a very open-minded person, and I certainly wouldn't say that it couldn't be done, just that I've never seen a small bridal party in different dresses that I've LOVED. I do think this dress you've picked out is very pretty--and an AWESOME price--but I'd be insanely impressed if you were able to coordinate three other dresses with it. Good luck! I'm excited to see what you ultimately decide on!!

MsTeacherLady said...

I feel bad for my negativity, so I thought I'd post a few links to some more reasonably priced dresses that might strike your fancy. I'm going to limit myself to the ones that are in a range of sizes:
1. pretty coral print sundress-- $64.90
2. blue/black/white print dress-- $54.90
3. solid pink (strawberry) dress with twist halter neckline-- $58.90
4. solid yellow- $58.90 (this could actually work with the above dress if you wanted two different dresses)
5. solid kelly green (maggy london has great sale options!)--

Oh, and I thought some of your readers might appreciate this simple strapless ABS gown, with a little embellishment around the empire waste: $119.90!


Broke-ass Bride said...

Overstock is SO sweet. They even have suits! My men will likely be in seersucker, and they have amazing deals on that at the "O" :)

Adrienne said...

I have just recently stumbled across your blog and I am loving it! I must say if you can plan your wedding with a $10,000 budget you are my hero! Keep up the good work.

BrittanyM said...

I kind of did the same thing for my wedding. I found a dress for my sister to wear cause she was a BM and then took the other 3 girls shopping to find something that coordinated. They all wore different things, but the same colors. It looked really cute. And we got tons of compliments. And to do the same thing with the GMs we had them with the same shirt and pants but they all got different ties. They looked way good! GL!!

anexcitedbridesmaid said...

I'm sure even though your bridesmaids are similar sizes, they have different body types and also varying styles of dressing. I always think variety is more interesting than everyone wearing the same dress. To each their own, yes?