Tuesday, August 5, 2008

#344: 21 and over.

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dammit, father's office! why do you have to be a "bar" and allow ONLY 21 and over in your establishment regardless of whether the entire place is rented out or not. WHY.

i love food so so much and was feeling rather uninspired wedding-wise which prompted this randomish post. it was an experiment with no planned outcome, really.

but then the comments came in. and a couple of you mentioned father's office.

father's office. the home of the world's most awesome burger, yam fries (+aioli dip), and a gajillion trillion beers. i love it, fiance loves it. our friends love it. my family would love it. the kids would love it. i love it. i've been to the montana location many times (teeny place) and had heard about the opening of their new culver city location (bigger place!). so i did some research.

the good news: they do private parties! montana holds up to 78 and the helms location holds up to 150!

the bad news: i have no idea how much it costs because i got shown the hand when i told them not all of our guests are 21+.

the neutral news: they're starting a mobile father's office (a'la the in-n-out truck...) but it hasn't been created yet.

fiance and i are a bit crushed because the thought of having a FO reception made us so warm and tingly inside. but that's ok. where there's a cloud...or when a door closes...

you know what i mean.


dapotato said...

so make it adults only (even if controversial in wedding planning circles) and invite me, please. ;)

i need to check out the new culver city location, too.

Kari and Robert said...

We got married at a golf course, but planned our own menu of cheeseburgers and french fries! We did a build your own kind of like fudruckers! It was great...the guests loved it...it was more personal...plus it was cheeper then their dinner options!

Kimberly said...

Nah uh.... father's office can't be beat! that's a shame you can't have it there, it would be a wonderful wedding reception. I'm sure the gazillion beers on tap wouldn't hurt, either. ;) I will keep an eye out for that truck! How can they sell $16 burgers from a truck, I wonder?

jessica @ budgetsavvybride said...

awwww, I'm sorry!! That sounds delicious! My fiance and I are hoping to have more "casual" food as well. We're thinking good southern food like barbecue and fried chicken... I'll be glad to eat a real meal after months of my "wedding diet" :)

ChewyJ said...

ooo.. a mobile father's office... fabulous!! I wonder if it'll be ready by next march so I could surprise future husband w/ a late night snack at the wedding. Maybe you could incorporate FO as a rehearsal dinner location?

Suite B said...

I can't remember if I've been here or not but it's now one of my favorite blogs.

$10K or less..that sounds a little crazy but I'm doing it and I have 250 guests, a 16 member wedding paper, open bar, top photographer, after party all because I smile so good and don't mind asking for a hook up

Guilty Secret said...

That is such a pity they won't go under-21s even for a private party. Perhaps you could ask them to cater for you at another location..?

erica said...

I'm really sorry they have a silly age rule. I think it could be a good place for a rehearsal dinner, too.