Sunday, August 17, 2008

#351: what does spotted dick taste like.

you may have noticed that i've mentioned that i have 4 maids. when i was thinking about how to 'ask them', i briefly considered asking via a warm, heartfelt phone call (they're all about 400 miles away from me). but, ultimately, i decided that something so easy as a phone call would only be stifling my extraordinary creativity...and what good could come out of that.

so i decided to do something a bit vulgar and silly. you know. kind of like me.

so i mailed each lady a card. on the front, it said "what does spotted dick taste like?" on the inside, it said "come find out." along with a date, time and a place.

when we were all gathered around and sipping 'tinis, taking shots and noshing on fried chicken and fries (yes, i made the trip to be there in person)...i presented each of them with a personalized card and a gift.

the card was filled with reminders of our unique friendship throughout the years and ended with "...and would you do me the honor of standing by my side..."

and the gift:

well. let's just say we all had a good laugh. and i must have done something right because they all said yes...


loren weltsch said...

that is absolutely hilarious! what a fun idea!
so, what does it taste like?

miss purple said...

Too funny! So what DOES spotted dick taste like? (my, I felt dirty just writing that)

Un Poquito De Todo... said...

no way! my sister just showed me a picture of this a few days ago from her trip up the coast to OR!

Still don't know what it tastes like lol.

Brenda said...

Your blog is awesome! This post had me on the floor ;)

Brenda Della Casa
Author, Cinderella Was a Liar