Monday, August 11, 2008

#346: crazy thought.

i haven't booked or decided on any of my vendors. hell. i haven't even really talked to or met any of them. hell. i don't even have a list of all of the vendors i will need to hire for whatever reason.

but i was just thinking...if getting married THIS OCTOBER would at all be realistic...



Anonymous said...

Totally! I planned mine in 3 months - vendors are usually stoked to get a date booked that they assume will go open. I was lucky that my parents house was available as my "venue" but everything else fell into place.

Ms. Cupcake said...

It can happen! If you do it away from holidays, and if it's a slow time in your area, it is definitely possible without having to compromise on your vendors. You'll just need to be organized about it, not like that seems to be a problem for you! =)

nicole said...

i bet it would be more fun. i've been planning for over a year and i got burnt out a while ago...

yaiAnn said...

Yah, I totally was on that plan until my parents started meddling.. but you can TOTALLY do it. My BFF planned hers in three months. As long as you've got good friends and support, it will come together! It was one of the best weddings I've been to!

Anonymous said...

We've been engaged since last Sept. and finally set a date, giving us a little less than 3 months to plan.

M said...

I'm also enticed by the idea of a short planning period. In fact, our original plan was to get married in October, and we've only been engaged a couple of weeks. But you know? It takes time to become accustomed, at peace with, ready to be married (at least for me). We had a long talk and decided to shoot for Spring instead. We'll have time to enjoy our engagement and fully experience the process. (Do I sound like a hippie? I don't mean to!)

Broke-ass Bride said...

A few good reasons to actually consider it:
1. You'll get amazing deals because vendors are more open to negotiation if they fear a date will go open.
2. You'll have to pick the most meaningful things to include because you won't have time to include them all, resulting in a beautifully simple event.
3. October has beautiful weather!
Good luck!
:x BAB

Sean and Britt said...

Sorry to be the only dissenting vote here, but I laughed out loud when I read your post. 3 months, and you don't have anything picked out yem. Best of luck. You'll need an off-the-rack dress and every single one of your vendors will have to be free and meet your standards. Seeing what you've posted here about your vision for your wedding, I'm not sure about your willingness to compromise, but a good officiant and photographer book super early. In the meantime, you'll have to book your venue and caterer and skip save-the-date cards and go straight to invites.

My advice - take a look at your favorite bridal magazine for a recommended timeline and start making lsits for yourself - you'll be shocked at how much it involves. Which is fine if you make the wedding planning your full-time job, but otherwise you'll be super stressed out and that will make it harder to enjoy this incredible time! Savor it.

Here's a sample, and we kept it pretty simple compared to most:
9 months in advance
-Set the date
-Check marriage license requirements
-Draft a guest list to determine size
-Book ceremony and reception locations
-Select officiant; discuss ceremony, premarriage requirements
-Designate your attendants
-Get engagement photos taken
-Create and send save the date cards
-Create and send engagement announcements
-Set up gift registry

6-9 months in advance
-Select and order invitations and other wedding stationery
-Arrange airline deals and group accomodation rates for out-of-town guests
-Sign contracts with and pay deposits to caterer
-Sign contracts with and pay deposits to photographer
-Sign contracts with and pay deposits to DJ
-Order bridal gown and schedule fittings
-Choose bridal shoes and acessories
-Book hair and makeup appointments
-Select bridesmaids dresses and schedule fittings
-Schedule time off work for last-minute preparations
-Reserve hotel rooms for out of towners
-Finalize guest list
-Set dates for bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties
-Schedule the rehearsal with officiant; notify key people
-Reserve rehearsal dinner site, decide on a menu (or remind hosts)
-Select and order flowers
-Select bakery and order cake
-Book hotel room for wedding night
-Prepare directions to location for guests

3-6 months
-Order wedding bands, have engraved and sized
-Meet with officiant
-Finalize all d├ęcor for the ceremony and reception
-Select what groom and groomsmen will wear
-Shop for attendants gifts

2-3 months
-Mail wedding invitations
-Choose music for ceremony and reception
-Create list of people and events for photographer, videographer
-Pre-ceremony changing area for the bridal party, give info to all
-Update registry and add items if needed

1 month
-Mail invitations for rehearsal dinner
-Visit hairstylist, make-up artist to try out look
-Finalize rehearsal dinner menu
-Confirm wedding day details with vendors
-Obtain marriage license; designate a witness
-Go to final dress fitting
-Prep extra decor

2 weeks before
-Final walk-through at locations
-Contact any guests who still haven't responded
-Provide caterer with final head count

1 week before
-Pack day-of kit for bridal party
-Pack day-of kit for grooms party
-Have programs printed
-Pack reception items you're providing
-Break in shoes
-Confirm beauty appointments
-Organize vendor payments in envelopes, assign

Teana said...

i think it can be done. it'll take a lot more work nailing everything down and cashing in the favor coupons from friends [for labor =)]but if you do it on an off day [say friday or sunday] it may be easier to get vendors. i've seen a few examples of wonderful weddings that took a few months of planning...i think on practical bride actually.

i had a couple of friends who planned their entire shindig in 6 months...granted, it was double the time you want but it was just a beautiful.

considering that you've already done a huge chunk of research before your engagement, i think you have a great deal of ideas on how to gather all your needed details for the wedding. if you want to get married in october, i say go for it!

Adrienne said...

YES! I can be done. I have a friend who planned her wedding in three months and it turned out perfect! It would help if you have a friend or family member willing to lend their house/back yard for the reception {that would also help you stay in your budget}. Or if you have any friends in the hotel business, they might be able to hook you up with a reception hall there.

Anonymous said...

you can do it! i just planned my wedding in exactly 3 months. once you get the venue(s) and dress you are set. plus, i had a strict budget as well. it keeps you from hemming and hawing over all the details and forces you to make up your mind and well celebrate being married that much faster!

Veronica said...

If you can, do it! You only have less time to change your mind!

amy said...

I am doing that very thing and getting married October 25th, using your blog as my guide for my budget. I have an off -the-rack dress, a friend as our officiant, and a beautiful community center that is at our disposal through a friend. Everything is falling into place little by little.

veronica said...

Me too! I got engaged in July and am getting married in October, so I sure hope it's possible.

The Virtual Bridesmaid said...

Looking at how long it's taken me now, I don't think I could ever plan in that short of time! Good Luck!!

The Virtual Bridesmaid

Anonymous said...

I read that you already dropped this idea but I did it, I have a few months on you though I decided in June I would do it this October. So far its pulled into place, I say its totally doable and you'd be surprised how many out-of-towners can make it work. As for the scary ass to-do list posted above - still totally doable - go thru & cross off all the sh*t that isn't totally necessary. I think I'm better off because I've had to weed out all the bs and stick to the important stuff so like someone posted above - you get more of what you want - more of the important stuff.