Friday, September 14, 2007

#178: jugs.

from container & packaging

ok listen. that previous post got me thinking. as well as miss daffodil's take on libations. love that word...libation.

i want my wedding to be, above all, FUN. and to me, fun starts and ends with good food. and with good food, comes good drink. so basically, i want everyone to eat and drink their hearts out.

i've often discussed creating a food centerpiece in lieu of a floral get up. but hot diggity. those jars are $1.68 each. and if i want everyone to be toasty come midnight-ish, filling them with some tantalizing juicy could only help. right?

so what would i put in them? a quick google search brought me to a site offering vodka infused recipes. the names for some of these are pretty tantalizing themselves. like 'santorini collins' and 'cranberry spice'. table names perhaps? hm...


Teana said...

i like the table names idea with the different drinks. there are tons of other drinkable punches...sangria comes to mind, even though it's wine - or something like that. i'm loving this idea!

Lady T said...

hmmm...i've been contemplating skippign a wedding cake or the newer idea of a cupcake pedestal and grouping together a small cake stand of cupcakes on each individual only question about this is would my guests wait until dessert time to sample?

the other question would be, why do i care? since either way they are gonna be eaten.

a centerpiece of liquor is definitely different and guaranteed to get aunt ruth up and off that folding chair!