Thursday, September 27, 2007

#185: carts carts carts.

push cart parties has all of these. the most appealing to me are the hot dog and pretzel (snacks to feed your dancing!) and ice cream carts (to cool you off while you're dancing!, see a theme here?). great favor replacement.

Beer Pushcart
Beverage Pushcart
Candy Cart
Chestnut Pushcart
Chicken Pushcart
Chinese Food Pushcart
Coffee & Tea Pushcart
Cold "Specialty" Pushcart
Cotton Candy Pushcart
Hot Dog Pushcart
Hot "Specialty" Pushcart
Ice Cream Pushcart
Italian Ice Pushcart
Mexican Food Pushcart
Nacho Pushcart
NY Egg Cream Pushcart
Peanut Pushcart
Popcorn Pushcart
Pretzel Pushcart
Soda Pop Pushcart
Sno Cone Pushcart
Frozen Drink Machine


dapotato said...

you forgot a taco cart! essential for socal. mmmm...carne asada or carnitas tacos to snack on.

Teana said...

that would be a really fun and casual way of feeding the revelers. i like it! and definitely the taco cart. oooh, i love living in cali for the really good burritos and tacos. oooh.