Wednesday, September 12, 2007

#175: my faves.

so mrs. bee of weddingbee fame is recruiting fellow bloggers and posting their faves. as you all know, i'm not a wedding world veteran. my #1 priority is to dig up fantasmic DIY's and cheap, i mean economical gizmos. i'm not even close to being in the position to submit a list (videographer? don't know any because i could never hire one...)...but i think it'd be a kick to think about what i'd say if i thought about things this very moment. get it?

favorite sites/blogs for inspiration: all of my 'just can't get enough's.
favorite planning resources (books, magazines, websites): ditto above. haven't ventured to books and magazines yet!
favorite wedding dress designer: if i had the money, i'd get a claire pettibone. freaking a.
favorite bm dress designer: me! no, i don't design, but it'd be cool to make my maids' dresses.
favorite floral designer/floral inspiration: i don't mean to be a debbie downer but i've had to adopt the following. that a bouquet is a bouquet. is a bouquet. because flowers are definitely a wedding's best friend...but not when you're on a budget. i'll have to think outside the box to fulfill this fantasy!
favorite cake designer: i just want a simple white cake with strawberries. design/no design...i don't care. see what i mean about not being able to submit this thing? it's like blasphemy...
favorite photographer/blog: jessica claire...hands down.
favorite videographer: hm. don't know anyone.
favorite place to shop for shoes/shoe designer: for weddings? no idea. but the most fabulous pair of shoes i own are vera wang copper strap heels.
favorite places to buy fun supplies: costco?
favorite place to shop for wedding and/or wedding party gifts: haven't given this much thought yet. but i do love jewelry...and giving it...

yeah. i definitely fall short on knowing vendors and designers. but that's ok. i rely heavily on those who DO know...for inspiration!


Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions said...

It's all about finding the inspiration in other places. We all just tend to "borrow" our favorite ideas and adapt them to fit our needs/budget! You may not know a videographer, but you have much more creative ideas than most people!

perfect bound said...

This list is fabulous.

Leslie said...

My creative and resourceful mother planned a fabulous, charming wedding for us for less than $10k - IT CAN BE DONE. Think about it - if someone told you that you had $10k to spend on a party, wouldn't you think that was fantastic? Your blog is super and a great resource for brides who don't want to spend a fortune. I'll bet your event - whenever it occurs - will be exponentially more interesting and personal than most of the posh weddings I've attended. Cheers!

Teana said...

you know, leslie is right. weird how 10k is paltry for a wedding but so super exboribant for practically everything else [unless you're one of those kids on my super sweet 16]. wow, now i'm kinda bothered by that. lol.

i have a few of my own faves but since i'm not officially planning yet, i don't know too much. but damn if i could have any dress designer it'd be amy kuschel...i've been crushing on her dresses since i saw a spread in the chronicle while i was in high school [i think]. oh if only they weren't so mad expensive.

Anonymous said...

Leslie-- Can I hire your mom?

Anonymous said...

I love your list! Honestly, it's been neat to see what the other wedding bloggers like on weddingbee but I've found that they all kind of like the same things...almost all of them site each other's wedding blogs as inspiration, they like the same two cake designers, they like the exact same magazines, a lot of the same photographers, a lot of the same florists, invitation designers, etc. It's gotten kind of...well...uninspiring. I mean there can't really only be 5 great vendors across the US!

Your list was a refreshing change at least! And b/c you have limited resources I think your wedding will be super creative and heartfelt. Plus you'll probably find the diamonds in the rough of vendors instead of just relying on the same ol' people everyone else uses.

bride of rochester said...

You do a wonderful job. Honestly, I wish you had been blogging when I started planning. It was difficult to find less expensive ideas so that we didn't break the bank, and I spent countless hours scrounging around for ideas.