Thursday, September 20, 2007

#183: bridesmaids dresses.

goodness, that 2nd dress in shantung is pretty ravishing with a ruched sweetheart neckline. ranging from $250-$500 at jenny yoo. in ivory or really really really light champagne, tasteful enough for a bride, don't you think?

oh, and mrs. bee also found a fantastic site for bm dresses. but how about for the bride? $290 for floor length. and...with this option, you have a built-in reception dress. check out two birds bridesmaid. your various change options are limitless.


Michelle said...

Love the back profile and color on the second dress. It would be an elegant bride's dress in ivory or white.

kristi said...

oh, those two birds dresses are just infinity dresses! they are super easy to make!! it's just one seam! i've made one using this (
tutorial- much cheaper than $290!

Anonymous said...

i looked at jenny yoo for a wedding dress... they charge a $100+ markup for white and ivory. ostensibly because they handle it specially since it's easy to get dirty, but they don't do the same for their pale pinks and yellows, so it is clear that it's because they know that you're going to wear it as a wedding dress.

they're still reasonable, but i was very put off by this.

e said...

i wasn't too excited by jenny yoo's special markup on white or ivory versions, either! Thread doesn't do that for their dresses, and the cotton seersucker is still one of my favorites.

has anyone worn a JCrew dress for their wedding? god, i wish i could sew!

kristi said...

my best friend just got married in a jcrew dress- and our bridesmaid dresses were also from jcrew. they were great! i would totally recommend them. our dresses were only $80 and hers was around $200 on sale.