Monday, September 10, 2007

#174: easy turbo.

miss anonymous on my previous post, sorry if you misunderstood. i mean, was it not clear that i was showcasing a wedding dress?? if it wasn't, my bad. but i just meant that i came across it and thought i'd share it with ya'll as yet another economical wedding dress option. yikes, i wouldn't wear white...and even less so, a wedding dress to uh, someone else's wedding.

that said, i went shopping today and found this dress. a nanette lepore for under two-hundy. it's the chosen one. *sigh* i love sales.

what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Dont worry it was very clear that you were stating the white dress as a wedding dress find! Love the sale dress : ) for a wedding (as a guest)

Teana said...

it looks kinda like a van gough painting. i like it! great find.

Bride of Rochester said...

man oh man! you have great taste! this dress is beautiful..

and what's wrong with wearing a white dress to a wedding?? (JUST KIDDING)

for the record,I thought it was clear that you were looking at the white dress as a potential wedding dress. ;)

tif said...

love this dress! love nanette lepore even though her stuff is pricey. great find !

e said...

love nanette lepore dresses. hers are the only strapless dresses that i can wear, so that's a huge plus!