Thursday, September 27, 2007

#184: brilliant ideas.

from brides.

the ones that tingle my interest:

Honor loved ones by displaying wedding photos of important couples in your life. For an antique feel, place them in vintage-looking frames.

Unusual vessels, such as conch shells, wooden boxes or silver chalices, bring a fresh twist to tables.

Think beyond paper. Consider having your invitations printed on squares of colored glass, ceramic tile or pretty fabric.

In lieu of a traditional guest book, pick out a pretty planner or date book and ask guests to sign on their birthday page. You'll learn who among your friends and family shares a special day—and have a future record too!

Give a casual rehearsal dinner some spunk by renting a pushcart or two to dispense nachos, peanuts, hot dogs, beer, egg (DUDE! what about for the reception? get ready for post #186!)

Nothing breaks the air of formality (the bad kind) like a butlered tray of mini pigs-in-a-blanket, teeny cheeseburgers or shot glasses filled with mac and cheese.

If you're not a sweets lovers, think about replacing the traditional wedding cake with several wheels of cheese piled atop one another; you can use a cake knife to make the ceremonial first slice.

1 comment:

Teana said...

i like that guestbook idea. hmm...if i don't do a polaroid one this might be the runner up. that would be really fun and cute!

you know, i may have to find a way to add pigs in a blanket into the menu. i love those things like no other