Thursday, September 6, 2007

#171: candelabra.

i was inspired by this tablescape...

from social couture

and the more i thought about it, the more appealing was the idea of having a candelabra centerpiece! the centerpiece shouldn't hinder your view of guests around the table...but at a table of 10, would you really be talking to the person directly across from you? just in case you're ok with the idea of not...ikea to the rescue with a budget friendly alternative to the $50 black candelabra above.

ikea 12.99

and if you're set on black, there's always spray paint!


Rosie & Andy said...

If you want a fancier candelabra, Target always has one during the Christmas time. It's usually $25-30. But, you can get them 50% off if you go the day after Christmas! You'll have to visit a ton of Target's though!

cHill Weddings said...

It's great. I love the black and white with the splash of green. I also love the great candle holder in the back of the left picture.