Friday, January 30, 2009

#511: tonight.

i'm hightailing it to pier 1.

via pier 1.

NOW $1.48 - $1.78
Orig. $15 - $18

why? because i thought i had it all figured out. but obviously i don't.

please bear with me as i think out loud.

i don't need 'perfect'. i just need it to 'make sense'. and easy enough. but personal enough. and non floral for the most part. but not weird.

eh? i guess thinking out loud doesn't always help. i hope i have some clarity (and goodies to show you) after the weekend.

until then, peace loves.



PetalsYoga said...

Wow... I love those. Thanks for sharing! Good luck with your free-association creation.

AmyJean said...

Those are gorgeous!

Miss Type-A said...

I like those a lot! Go for it!

Vancouver Bride said...

Love 'em!
And if you're looking for a non-floral option, have you though about just using sticks? Sounds kinda ghetto, but I've seen stick centerpieces look pretty fab. You could also spray paint them for a more glam look?
We just did large branches in a vase for a Christmas tree this year!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Buy them, as many as you can. Set & forget. When the lovely wedding has passed, you can sell them on this website I found:

You will make your money back on those exotic bottles fo sho.

holly p said...

Love the vases! I know you said you don't want a bunch of candles but these votive holders would probably go well with the vases.

un-bride said...

See you there ;)

talda said...

oooh yes. those look great!

Cindy said...

Hey, Lady!

I don't know your name but I read your comment over on Meg's blog (on her post about my "Remember It" wedding) and I've been following your blog for quite some time as well.

Wrist corsage is the way to go! It was $30 and I had it all day and all night. It was simple and lovely and the florist adored me for not being a "pain in the ass like all the other brides." Not to mention is was super pretty and smell AMAZING. My mom picked it out and she is Scottish so having the heather in it was a nice touch.

I made our centerpieces, my seamstress made my awesome veil, and we had a few other personal touches as well. Mostly, we just had a really good time. Stayed level, relaxed, and enjoyed ourselves.

Need some inspiration? Here are a couple of sets of pictures my friends took. We asked them to take care of the rehearsal, getting ready, limo ride, and ceremony, and then we hired a professional to take care of the reception so our friends could enjoy themselves at the party (they still took some shots though). It worked out wonderfully all around!

Best wishes on your wedding! You will totally rock it!

Call Me Loretta said...

Oh, I think those are gorgeous. I think you've found the ones! Good luck!

Meg said...

Love it!

jenifriend said...

I think these are a beautiful idea. Those would be asbsolutely gorgeous (in my opinion) with queen anne's lace in them and nothing else...simple and elegant.


jenifriend said...

I forgot you said no flowers; sorry about the earlier recommendation! i agree with vancouver bride; i am also using sticks. in fact, i am spray painting them one of our "colors" and arranging them in large cylindrical vases; this might be a good option for you to consider.


Brenn said...

Did you end up going with this idea?