Monday, January 19, 2009

#488: chotch-keys.

via yelp.

i am about to embark on some serious thrift shopping. not expensive vintage shopping. i'm talking things-marked-down-to-2-cents shopping.

initially, i was going to order the rock candy and start there. but then i remembered...i need something to hang them on.

so, the hunt starts now.

things i need to look out for:
1) centerpiece bases.
2) that's it.

feel free to give a shout out if you know of any choice destinations in the los angeles area.


alexis said...

Hey there, I don't know where in the area you are but if you're ever in burbank there is a HUGE thrift store called American Way on Magnolia. I got a lot the glass centerpiece stuff for my wedding there. There's a lot of turnover so a few trips over a few months at lunch time and I was all set. I also hit what felt like a million goodwill stores, they all have different stuff though so it was worth it.

Becca said...

Try flea markets too - the Rose Bowl flea market is once a month (next one's on Feb 8). For non "vintage" offerings, there are Goodwills all over and the National Jewish Council Thrift shops (

Anonymous said...

I live in Melbourne, Australia, so I can't help on places, sorry! But I just wanted to say good luck. In a fit of DIY (and because my friends back in Perth are actually helping collect the centrepieces for me) I went thrift shop shopping on the weekend and bought some flowers and mocked up my tables. Was great fun. And it worked - phew :-)