Monday, January 26, 2009

#503: flea market bust.

i saw a lot of cool things during my first trip ever to the fairfax flea market yesterday. if i was on the prowl for weathered boots or a leather jacket or handmade jewelry, i would've been out a few bucks for sure.

but i wasn't. and i didn't find anything useful for the centerpieces i kind of need to get started on like asap. which was kind of a bummer.

here's what i plan to do.

1) uh, have a plan b centerpiece idea ready. and maybe even a plan c. just in case.

2) be patient, keep shopping, maybe go to craft stores instead of looking only for secondhand stuff. *shrug*

3) not spend more than $100 for centerpiece stuff. in total. $45 for a pair of cool sconces at the flea market sounded good...until i realized that meant over $20 for each table. next.

4) do a quick mock up of what was not really the original vision but what i think could still turn out ok.

as for what this said mock up will look like...well, you'll just have to wait to see. because i'm not even too sure. but i will say that i plan to order candy, dust off one of my big vases, and get a bunch of these.

via ikea.

*on an unrelated note, fiance and i watched all of season 5 of entourage yesterday. it's good.*


Stephanie Lyn said...

Not sure what exactly you're envisioning, but originally I priced some options at IKEA (funny you should mention it) Centerpieces for 10 tables - all for $102.

Included a tall skinny bud vase to stick a table # sign in & (4) candle holders: a frosted votive, lantern & two patterned votives. Here's what I planned:

NotQuiteaBride said...

I am in love with Sundays watching an entire season of a show! It' the best lazy day ever! And yay for Entourage...

Caitlin said...

Entourage is a great show... check out Flight of the Conchords =0)

I have yet to head to a flea market for wedding stuff - I never have ANY luck at flea markets =0(

un-bride said...

I was also at Fairfax Flea Market yesterday, and Project Petticoat Hunt was also a bust. Oh well, it was still fun!

Anonymous said...

awww... not available for sale online:( I'm jealous of anyone that lives close to an Ikea.

Gena said...

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